Terms of Services

Effective from 8th April 2022

Welcome to Callbreak

      Privacy is important to all individual. Our TOS explains how Call Break ( We) collect, use and disclose your personal and non-personal information when you access and use any of our games, content, applications, activities, purchases and other services.

Children under age 13

          Call Break is not targeted to users under legal age of simulated gambling so we do not knowingly collect information or contact individuals below age 13 without the explicit permissions from their parents or guardians. If you believe we collect such information then please contact us at callbreak.online@gmail.com we’ll delete any such information.

Information we collect

         We collect minimal information to make our games fun. We collect information like users country, age , device information , occasional emails , date of birth , account information , profile pictures.

We allow users to decide whether accept our request to access information or not. We need certain information for greater users experience. we make use of users location to target advertising, users email to allow users to share our contents to Facebook twitter or any other social medias.

        Some information are required or requested by third party services that we use into ours, those services are often allowed by us and if we find any services requesting unwanted information we will drop down the service , but users should be careful himself for allowing permissions.

  We do not collect and store users information for self(“ours”) benefits . Those information are held within services for promotions and analysis.  

How and why we collect information

        We collect information to make great user experience in our apps , games and websites. We collect users cookies  for making faster web experience. We collect error logs and users activity in analytics for improvement of our products. Emails for our subscriptions and social medias. We collect other information such as DOB , Gender , Address , Device Info just to make our apps experience better.

Request for user data Deletion.

User can place request to delete data that our backend server is holding , For deletion  users can contact us  to our support email , callbreak.online@gmail.com , with email address associated with account  or device ID of clients active device. User may also request using our data deletion request form .

Marketing , In-app Purchases & Opting-Out

      Sometime we use marketing for promotion of  our digital goods such as games , apps , services or newsletter. You can always opt-out receiving of such information.

We use in app purchase for various digital goods.Buying our products totally relies on your will you can always disable in-app purchasing. If you do not want to receive our promotional mails you’ll always have unsubscribe button below every email.

Third party services

We use variety of third party services for our apps , games , website for various reasons. Everything on these services are not under our control but we remove these services once we find out unexpected behavior from these services.

      These services include their own privacy policy and user have to approve their policies too. We do not control how they interact with you and you should ensure that you consent to the terms of use and privacy policies offered by the third party services before providing them with your information.You acknowledge that we are not liable when third party services use information you provide to them

Some of major services we use are

Advertising services

Analytical services

Social Services

Game Services


We dedicate our products to the end users so any complaints will be welcomed and received in our page on facebook or twitter. You can also mail us at callbreak.online@gmail.com

Updates to this policy

We will occasionally update our privacy policy according to needs and feedback we get over time. Changes will be made for any inappropriate policies and policy updates on third party services.