Press Release

Triqode Studio
Butwal , Nepal

For Immediate Release v 0.9.8

Call Break Celebrates huge success over 3 months of Game Launch with additional Feature of LAN Mode

Upon High demand of LAN Card game Call break Developers added a unique feature of playing Multiplayer game over WiFi or Hotspot , Till date Players were able to play with friends together over internet , now Multiplayer feature is available without Network connection.

On the short time of 3 months Call break have more then 100 thousands + Downloads on Google play , On This event of reaching this milestone , Developers are happy to extend their release to multiple requested platforms. Currently App is only released on Google Play , first priority is to reaching iOS Audiences and make game much more stable on this cross platform.

There is Demand for Desktop and Web versions of call break and team is looking forward after iOS version is released and stabilized.